Unable to connect the list

I'm with SP Forms Designer for SP 2019, version 1.9.0 and having an issue to connect to any lists of one single sub site.
The connection to the sub site is successful and I can pick any of the lists, but then get "Unable to receive data from server. Please, try again later". I can work on other lists outside of that sub site.

...any hints how to investigate this?

Dear @Alex,
Are you able to create modern pages within this site? Please, try and let us know the result. We'd love to see a video, if possible.

thanks Nikita, I'm sorry - can't do a video due to confidential content. But lets try with some screen shots.

on the sub site "../customer-projects/" I'm getting the error

Then I tried to create another sub site using modern UI and there I don't have any issue to connect

hope that helps

seems to be something wrong wit the site. I see some related messages in the ULS logs.
It maybe get fixed, if I fixe them first.

so the SitePages library was createad manually in that site and was broken (probably missing content types)

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