Unable to view Form in SharePoint


I created a dummy list and I can't see any of the field inputs. All I can see is the field label:

Why is this happening?

I have sent an email to the support team email as well.

Hi @mnikitina @Nikita_Kurguzov,

Just chasing this up?

Dear @Qman,
What form are you opening? Display form will not render fields, only their values, it needs to be New/Edit form that you open. I can't see the URL or the toolbar, or the type of the form customized in the editor. Does the form have any custom JS code?

Also, Text1 and Text2 fields seem like you've added Common fields to the form, is that the case? If so, they are not saved to SharePoint, only SharePoint fields created from SharePoint columns are saved. Can you add the Title field to the form and check it?

Hi Nikita,

This is the New Form type. I sent an error log with the email request. It might be useful to you guys to pin point why this is happening?

Literally, nothing displays anymore which is really odd.

I even created the form from scratch by creating a new sharepoint list but nothing seems to be working.

The form renders on the test server but not on the production server.