Unread View- helpdesk

How does the unread view work? I tried to copy it and make an alternative view that is not limited to the user, and it shows way more than it should, included really old, closed stuff that doesn't any new response on it. And the 99 of the items aren't bold. Only one is. and It's the item assigned to me.

Hello! The 'Unread' view is based on filtering by the 'Is read' column which is a lookup to the 'IsRead' column in the 'TicketMetadata' list. The latter is a system one and is hidden from the end-users. How it works there, only developers know.

Could you clarify your use case? Do you wish to create a view that shows the tickets that no one opened?

Hi Evgeniy,

Yes, we are trying to see responses to tickets no one has looked at. We had agents leave and then people respond to closed tickets, and we miss that response.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

For your use case, I would advise to add a custom Yes/No column to the 'Contacts' list. For example, name it 'IsDisabled'. Then create a trigger that is fired when a new comment has been created. In its condition check whether the assignee is disabled ('IsDisabled' equals 'true') and send a notification either to all agents or to a responsible manager.

Would it work for you? If yes, do you need a step-by-step guidance?