Update Item In List issue


I have a list with a workflow that creates another list

List 1 = CreateList
List 2 = FinanceCheckList (Task List )

My goal is to update the field ("Start Date") on all the rows in List 2 with the data from the field ("StartDate") in the current item from List 1

I have a loop that will iterate through the List ID's. When I get to the step with the Plumsail function to update item in list I receive the error:
"Exception: Sequence contains no matching element"

Overview of needed update

Here is my workflow

This is the properties of the function "update item in list"

Where am I going wrong?



Using a loop I use to set permissions I wanted to update an item on the list item as well.

List 1 ) CreateList
List 2 ) CheckOffList

I am using this entry Update list item at any site as a guide to setting a item on another list.

Here are the workflow steps

Here is how the dictionary is built

When running the workflow I receive the following error:
[color=#FF0000]Exception:Sequence contains no matching element[/color]

Can you help with getting this to work correctly?

I've got this to about as simple as I can get it and using the previous blog Update list item at any site as the example.

but I continue to get the error : [color=#FF0000]Exception:Sequence contains no matching element[/color]

Any ideas on why this function is not working?

Thank you,

Hello All,

Roman pointed out my issue. The field name "Day1" was not the actual SharePoint field name. I needed to get the field name by going to list settings and clicking on the field "Day1" and then looking at the url. At the end of the URL SharePoint defines the field as "Field=%5Fx0044%5Fay1".

You then need to decode to ascii characters . I use meyerweb.com/eric/tools/dencoder/

once that is done use the output as the Name of the field. In my case "_x0044_ay1"


Thank you for sharing the solution with the detailed description.