Updated App Package

I updated our App Package last night:

I have multiple form sets on many of my primary lists. Currently when opening they go to the default form set. I need help ASAP!

The App Package was checked out in Sharepoint Administration.
Now however my issue is with Controls and Dialog.open.
Lookup Controls are not rendering and it seems none of the properties or events are being recognized.
List/Library Controls when set to Dialog are not working. Panel settings are confirmed off.
Dialog.open is not passing or returning arguments.

Hello @cwalter2,

We will continue the discussion about the issue by email.

Thanks @mnikitina and @Nikita_Kurguzov for your help with this issue. The issue appears to be I did my re-save while the app package was still checked out. After checking it in and going back and resaving all my forms everything appears to be working as it had before.

I really do appreciate Plumsails help with this, this product is a very big part of my project teams so I was in a panic.