Updated system to latest version of Plumsail Helpdesk and getting Subscription has expired error

Hi updated to latest version of helpdesk automatically throught the "about" page

since then getting the attached error, thought it had cleared down but happening constantly now.


Can you help please?

Also when I do the "about" page on the site I am getting a blank page

Also when raising a new ticket we are getting:

Request failed with status code 401

Hello Duncan! I would ask you to raise a support ticket by sending a message to [email protected]. Please refer to this topic in it and provide the following information:

  1. Clear browser cache. Open the HelpDesk instance with the message about subscription expiration. If the issue is reproduced, export console logs and a HAR-file with information about requests. To export logs, hit F12, navigate to the "Console" tab, open a context menu on a log record and click "Save as" (if you use not Chrome or Chromium based browser, just copy all records to an external text file). To export the HAR-file, navigate to the "Network" tab and find a button "Export HAR" (it has arrow down icon).

  2. Check your permissions on the "Tickets" list (List settings => Permissions => Check permissions button). If you have ones to create items on the list, reproduce the issue with the 401 error and share console logs and a HAR-file for this case too. Name files so I could distinguish them from the ones of the previous step.

  3. Please specify whether the issue occurs for one, several or all HelpDesk instances. In the case of the first two options, please specify the URL(s) of the instance(s).

  4. In logs, I found many records about 404 error for your instances as like many sites were deleted. Please ensure that HelpDesk sites are active or let me know that you deleted some of your instances (specify which). One client encountered with the same issue (404 error) and it turned out that it was caused by exceeding 5,000 items threshold. Do you have this issue too?

Please provide all the requested information in the message when raising a ticket. Add screenshots or other information that can help better understanding of the issue. Meanwhile, I turn to developers to get, perhaps, more ideas.

At last, had you found the issue causing this problem?
We are going to update our HelDesk site, from version 1.4.6 to 2.1.13, if there's something to check before the update I'd like to know, so as to avoid similar problems.

Yes, the problem was resolved within a ticket.

Ok, was it due to something depending on Duncan's configuration or is there something we'd better check before the update?

No, we had to make a fix on our end. No actions are required from the end-user side.