Updating title of 'New Form' saved as another page with a different name


In your article: Transferring new form page to another location how do we change the Title in the browser tab as it always shows the original NewForm.apsx title.

For example, if the original NewForm was based on the SharePoint list called: "ABC" the NewForm.apsx webpage tab in the browser is called "ABC - New Item". How do change "ABC - New Item" in the browser tab to the new name of the webpage such as: "Welcome to our new Home Page"?

I tried adding the new title using: <head><title>Welcome to our new Home Page</title></head> but it get's reverted back automatically after the page finishes loading to "ABC - New Item". Any suggestions on how we can do this please?


Hello @stormanh,

How have you created a new page?

When creating new page in the Site Pages library, you can specify the page title:

After saving changes, the site page file name changes and the page tab title too.

Hi @mnikitina

Please refer to the below image to see what the issue is.

When the NewForm.aspx for the Certifiers item is copied and renamed to "RenamedNewForm.aspx" the Title in the browser tab still shows up as "Certifiers - New item". I would like to know how we can change the Title from "Certifiers - New item" to something else.

Hope that is clear now.



You can create a new page from scratch and add Plumsail Web Part. Change the page title, to change the text in the tab.

Hi @mnikitina .

I can't use this method as I need the form to be displayed in full page width. Until the plumsail webpart can be put into full width section I won't be able to use this solution. Is there any other way?


You can change the title using JavaScript like this:

document.title = "Goodbye World!";

Hi @mnikitina

I had tried that before and the title would revert back to the previous. Because you confirmed that's the way it should be renamed, I ended up putting document.title = "New Title"; within a setInterval function call that would keep the title updated every 1 second in order for the 'New Title' to remain in the browser tab.