Upgrade doesn't appear to complete

Upgrading the O365 version seems to get stuck forever on "Update V2.1.1 is completing".

When I navigate to the helpdesk, it appears to have applied all the modern content, but the settings page is still showing the upgrade is in progress. I have tried this twice now - I left it overnight and the settings page went back to saying it was the old version, so I tried updating again and it hasn't completed this time either.

Is there something special I'm meant to do?

Hi. Apparently, third time lucky. There must have been some sort of problem in the background that has now cleared, and my upgrade has pushed through.

Thank you for notifying! I pass it to the developers.

Unfortunately, we couldn't find out what hindered the upgrading of the HelpDesk instance. According to logs the process just froze on a certain step.

Thank you for looking for me. I'm just glad it's all done now and working.

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