Upgrade issue (O365)

We currently have 2.1.3 installed. The about is telling me that 2.1.6 is available but when I hit update it complains about the version not being in the app catalog. I have followed the steps to install the new version as per the instructions. I have also waited >24 hours in case there is a timing issue.

Any ideas please?


As I understand, you uploaded a package into your app catalogue according to the instructions you got when updated HelpDesk. Did you try after that to update the HelpDesk instance again? If didn't, please try it. In the case the issue persists, share the logs you get during the updating and the SharePoint domain.

To share the requested information, you can send a private message here in the Community or raise a support ticket by sending e-mail to [email protected] (mention this topic in the message).