Upgrading Org Chart, and Dashboard Designer


Do I need to manually upgrade these items each time that there is a release?
Besides adding the newer package to the app catalog, is there additional work that has to be done on the existing instances?

For instance, I have a very customized Org Chart tool that appears to be a couple of revisions behind. What is the impact of upgrading it?


Hi @turtlgal,

Org Chart app package in the App catalog contains definition of the web part and links to the JavaScripts that render the web part.

So, if there are changes in JavaScript rendering logic, there is no need to update the package. But if there are some major changes in the package itself, then it is better to upgrade it.

In most cases you don’t need to update the package in App catalog. If your app package is a few versions behind, I would recommend you to keep it without changes.


If I do upgrade the app catalog item, do I need to do anything to the web part that is already installed on my site?


If you enable “Make this solution available to all sites in the organization” you have to do nothing. Te package will be updated for all sites.