URL fields not displayed in related list views

I try to add link lists as related lists in Forms (app ver 1.0.7).
When displayed all URL-type fields are not displayed correctly.
Most times fields are blank.
In one instance the URL is displayed, but not clickable.

Displaying the same list view in SharePoint (modern) shows correct information (clickable display text).


Hello @geirmat,

You need to update the app package, the latest version is 1.0.8. You can find the instructions on how to Update the app package here.

After the update, you might need to re-save the form.

App package has been upgraded, but this had no impact on how URL fields are displayed.
Form resaved and cache cleared.
Anything else I need to do?

Hello @geirmat,

Is that the original list or was it created from the template or migrated?

Please try to create a list from scratch, add Hyperlink or Picture column and display it in on the form in List or Library control. Do you see the same behavior?

Hi. I have tried both, and they give the same result.
Seems to be related to all fields of type "URL or picture", where display is set to hyperlink.


That is strange. I couldn't reproduce the case on my tenant.

Is it possible to provide me temporary access on your site to troubleshoot the issue? Please contact us via [email protected] for further discussion.