Url to drill down to the target user


I have a people search page where I would like to have links to the org chart where I could drill down to the selected user. i.e. if the user is John Smith then I would like to fashion an url which would allow me to drill down John Smith in the org chart.


Thank you for your question.

Please review this forum reply. It is exactly what you need.

Hi Anton,

That is for the currently logged in user which is not what I am after. I need to create links to a number of users displayed in the People search results.

John Smith (link to org chart for John Smith)
Mary badman (Link to org chart for Mary Badman)
David Piscopo (link to org chart for David Piscopo)

Please, pay attention to this string:

var currentUserLogin = GetUrlKeyValue("accountname")

It gets parameter “accountname” from a URL. You can manually set this parameter and this link will drill down to specified account name. For example your URL is yoursite/sitepages/orgchart.aspx?accountname=SOME_ACCOUNT_NAME. Such link will drill down to specified account name.

Thus, it is not just for current user, but for any you need.

OK. Got you. I will try it out. Many thanks