Web designer to desktop designer

Is there a way to export a form designed on the web designer and import it to the desktop designer?

It seems that from the web forms can only be exported and imported as JSON while the desktop designer only allows for .xfds format.

Is the only way to move forms between these mediums to manually recreate in both mediums?

Hello @aprotteau-dac,

Yes, desktop and web designers are not compatible. You need to design form from scratch.

Understood, thank you.

Hello @aprotteau-dac,

Why do you need to move forms from web to desktop designer?

Is it a complex form? Are you missing any features in a web designer?

It's not that complicated of a form.

We were experiencing an issue with desktop designer failing to launch (it was an issue on our end). Because of time constraints we had to abandon the support ticket about desktop designer failing to launch in favor of just building the required form.

Now that we've resolved our issue with designer, we would like to move the form from web to desktop, simply because it feels less prone to error.