Widget Stuck Loading


I am currently setting up the helpdesk for an organization. Things were working great until I woke up this morning and the Sharepoint Widget is no longer loading properly.

It takes a long time for the base page to load, and "add ticket" button does not load at all and just stalls out on the spinning loading splash.

I've tried recreating the widget, re-customizing, republishing the page, etc. Nothing seems to work. Please help!

Hello! Please re-install the widget app on the site where you place the widget, test a default widget with no customisation, ensure that there are no other web parts on the page. Open it in the private mode of the browser, open the developer tools (F12), switch to the network tab, press Ctr+R to reload the page and record requests. If the issue is reproduced, export the data to the HAR file. Then, switch to the console tab and save all the logs. Share the collected data sending them to [email protected], refer to this topic in your message and specify approximate time for loading the widget.

I've done so. In this case, the widget loads and I can click tickets. However, it's specifically the add new ticket button that never loads.

Anyway, please follow the steps I advised: it is necessary to reproduce the issue in the private mode with clear cache and all add-ons and plug-ins disabled. Thus, we exclude that they caused the issue.