Widget takes long time to load on modern and classic pages

Just wondering if any other users have the same experience with the HelpDesk widget taking a long time (more than 10 seconds) to load on any page.

Support did work on this for a while and ended up saying they couldn't replicate the problem, but there is nothing special about my tenancy so wondering if it's just me?

Cleared browser caches (Edge and Chrome), created fresh new page with just the widget to eliminate any other web parts being the problem, widget still takes ages to load.

Hello, @emjem

Could you share HAR-file (can be exported on "Network" tab of browser) or at least with a screenshot of the tab?

Can't upload har file, file too big.

Shared to my personal onedrive, along with a video showing how long the widget takes to load.

HAR file here


Thank you! I have passed the data to developers to research the issue. I will notify you once I get any news on this.

any progress? I really want to promote the widget on a number of pages across a number of sub sites and the main site but the load time is a deal breaker.

Could you provide access to the widget page for our developer? I will send you the account name in private messages. Also, you can create a temporary account for him if external sharing doesn't suit you. We need to check exactly the widget entity installed on your site since we can't reproduce the issue on ours.

happy to provide access either way.

Then external one will be better.

there is already an external user from Plumsail in my tenant - Ivan - from last time we tried to figure this out. I can give him access if that is the person?

Yes, it should be the developer, but you can check: I have sent you his e-mail in private messages.