Wizard container - get step id in javascript

I'm looking for a way to get id of step of Wizard container via javascript.
Like 'title' property in this code:

    wizard.widget.tabs.forEach(function (item) {
        if (item.title == 'Order'){

The goal is to dynamically change next tabs.
Exemplary situation:
step 0 - person and organisation
step 1 - general request parameters - here we decide about next steps
step 2 - Demand
step 3 - Order
step 4 - Summary

When form rendered I save dynamic steps and remove:

const stepDemand = fd.container('Container1').widget.tabs[2];
const stepOrder = fd.container('Container1').widget.tabs[3];

When user selects specific parameters on step 1, I want to add Demand or Order step. On step 1 user can change specification many times and depending on these choices there is a need to splice for example Demand step and insert Order step.


Dear @Marcin,
Please, refer to the documentation on how to work with Wizard steps using JS code to hide steps, move to steps, etc. - Wizard — Public web forms