Workflow run once but actions repeat

Good day,

I have a problem that one of my workflows create two items with the command “Create List Item at Any Site”.

My workflow does not have any loops and it runs only once. There is only one action for creating items.

At my destination site it creates two elements… What could be the reason?

Thank you in advance

Hi Senad,
Thank you for a message.

Please, clarify the information on next questions:

  1. Is this problem occurs in all lists or it is actual only for this list? To make sure, you may create a new test list and try to run workflow for this list.
  2. Do you have any event of EventReciver on this list? Maybe you have some large task which running on this list on creating a new item and SharePoint can not finish it in time and SharePoint trying to repeat a workflow.

Best regards
Evgeniy Kovalev
Plumsail Team


thank you for your answer.

Sadly I couldn’t solve this problem and I found a workaround.