Writing HTML from a MS Form

Hello all,

i am no way an HTML expert. I was hoping to get some help. We use Microsoft forms to ask a series of questions. We had hoped this would allow us to automatically save every response copy as if it was the original document. Now we realize it is much more complex. We have created a flow going from the form to HTML table then to create a document and then to create a file in OneDrive. However the HTML table has proven to evade us. Below is the form link that we are trying to create a mirrored image of and then create a PDF from the HTML table. Can anyone help us with this or suggest where we should go for help.

Microsoft Forms Response.pdf (1.1 MB)

Hello, @HeathD

Is this necessary for you to recreate the exact copy of the Microsoft Form in your HTML file? It is a rather tough task and requires a deal of work on designing and styling the HTML page. I would recommend you to create a Word or Excel template and fill it with the submitted data. It would be much easier for you to deal with graphic user interface and set the document layout as you wish. You even can try to reproduce the exact view of your form in the template. Here you can read an article on creating the Excel table and converting it to PDF.