Wrong Widget Version

I have one form that the wrong widget version is loading.

I have two forms (they are on different sub-sites in my SharePoint Online, Plumsail is installed and running from the HubSite).

On both forms, when I open the form, and I check the Sources I am getting Webpart, however, on one form I get widget 1.0.8 and the other I get widget 1.0.7. On the .7 version of the widger, when I click on a sub-form in a dialog, that dialog opens, then refreshes taking the entire window.

Interesting, when I change the form to use a Panel, the 1.0.8 widget loads, but when I switch back (turn off panels) It goes back to 1.0.7.

How do I force 1.0.8 on the full screen version?

Dear @sphilson,
Have you re-saved the form in the latest version of the editor?

I thought I had, but I just double checked (Saved the form again) and it is working now with the correct widget)

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