XLS to XLSX Issues

Hello everyone!

Super happy to be using Plumsail tools, looks very promising, however I can't see to figure out why its saying the file type is invalid. I have attached screenshots of my flow, blank spaces are for omitted company information. One photo is the source file, being a XLS and the contents of the file (again, omitted company information). The other is the design of my flow. The last image is the output/results of running the flow, any ideas? I've tried a bunch of other methods without any luck.

Thank you!

Hi @adconley951,

Most likely the action gets not-XLS file as an input and reports the error message.

Please check that you send an XLS file to the action.

If the issue persists, share the source XLS file, that you send to the convert action.

Best regards,
Plumsail team