5000 row Error on Filtered View with less than 5000 rows


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Follow up to 5000 error:
So I created a filtered view on a SharePoint Online list which has more than 5000 rows. The Filtered view has a few hundred items but when I point the Dashboard Designer tool at the view I am still receiving the following error?

10:13:58 ERROR - Request failed: The attempted operation is prohibited because it exceeds the list view threshold enforced by the administrator.


Any help appreciated, thanks in advance.



Dear Elijah,
Hmm… One thing that could be is that CAML query also tries to order items from the view, and it fails to both filter and order.

Try to open CAML Query in Data Source and remove the query from it:


That did it! Thanks so much. Resolved.



Spoke to soon. Seems like clearing out the CAML Query gets rid of the error but then does not point at the view selected it pulls all entries from the list. Can I specify just the view name in the CAML Query? Not sure if you can what the syntax would be.



Some more details: So it looks like I can get rid of the Error but when the CAML Query is cleared out the query does not seem to point at the Filtered view it seems to point at the full list (over 5000 rows). You can see in the screenshots below I am pointing to a filtered view A-K

When I preview the data appears to show records from the All Items view of the list (there should not be any records starting with K-Z)

Not sure where the query points to the view or if I can specify explicitly the view name?



Dear Elijah,
My bad! Actually, please, retrieve the view again, so you get the Query again, and this time, please, only remove , leave the filtering on: