Active feature action failing

I am using create site action. and after creating the site i want to activate the publishing feature. i am using [%Workflow Context: Current Site URL%][%Variable: Subsite] for active feature action URL property. This is grabbing the correct URL as i am updating URL back to the list but workflow is failing. How can I solve this issue? Thanks in advance.


Could I ask you insert Log to History workflow action to log the URL ([%Workflow Context: Current Site URL%][%Variable: Subsite])
I want to make sure that it is correct.

Also we can setup screen sharing session, please make request to [email protected].

Hello Roman,

i am currently logging the URL and it is correctly showing up. when i use the same for activate feature action it is failing the workflow completely. is there any other variables or parameters i could use to achieve same result? thanks


Could you please email me to [email protected] we can setup screen sharing session to solve the issue.