Add controls to generate a report

Good evening, I am new in Java and CAML,
Would you please help or give some information how to add controls to build charts.
For example if you have a chart built but you want to see data in specific time frame. Like to choose “FROM” and “TO” date fields.
Or for example if I would have a drop down with Users’s name and when you choose user it will generate a report.

Please let me know

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Regarding your second question, please see The first chart on that page is exactly about that. Check the Configuration link for information about how to build it. Note that the control you’ll have to insert yourself, to see how check my post here [url]Filter Drop Down in Helpdesk Dashboard Demo].

Regarding your first question, my advice would be to replicate first the example I’ve just mentioned and then it will be evident how to do this for two controls (“to” and “from”).