Add footer/footnote text to chart

Is there a way to add text to the bottom of the chart? We still need the title at the top, but would like to add additional text about the chart (i.e. disclaimer) below it. We want it to be included when we export it as well.

I found this on the Kendo Forum, but can’t figure out how to get it to work with Dashboard Designer:


Dear davide,
You can add Footnote with JS, in Dashboard -> Advanced section, like this:

var handlers = {};
handlers.preRender = function(config, logger, processor, el) {
  logger.debug('Configuration: ', config);
  if($("#footnote").length == 0){
    el.parent().append( '<p id="footnote" style="text-align: center">Footnote text</p>');
  return true;

Thanks for the quick reply Nikita,

But is there a way to do it so it is included in the Export PDF function?