Add link to launch Teams chat with user


Just wondering if it is possible to add a dynamic link to the user tooltip template that, when clicked, launches a chat session in Teams directly with the user?


Hello! Yes, you can edit the tooltip template in the HTML mode and add a custom link to Teams:

Thanks for the super quick reply @Evgeniy - that works nicely. It's got me thinking a bit and I have two additional questions:

  1. Is it possible to add a link that when clicked, loads a new meeting request in Teams with the user pre-defined in the 'To:' field (i.e. an attendee)?

  2. Is it possible to add icons against the 'Teams Chat' text so that the tooltip template shows e.g. a Teams chat icon instead of the text 'Teams Chat'?

I think I have found a solution to number 1 of the above list:

<div class="field-container ">
 	<a href="{{WorkEmail}}">Book Teams meeting</a>

This seems to work well, although only for users that are within the same organisation. Hopefuly this helps others in the same situation.

As regards number 2, you can use the set of icons provided by Microsoft in Fluent UI. Particularly, add the following classes to the anchor element with the link. The text inside may be deleted:

<div class="field-container ">
  <a class="ms-Icon ms-Icon--TeamsLogo poch-fabric-icon" href="{{WorkEmail}}"></a>


You can also use custom CSS to change its style.