Adding Data Table to Edit and Display


I've created a new form with a data table on the 'New' form editor, but how can i get the same table to show in edit and display as i don't see an option.

I've also saved the table as a field in my list (multi line/plain text) and it does not show.

Also is there a way to auto sum the total field in the table to a new cell?

Thank you.

Hello @0161Steve,

To display information in DataTable control on Edit and Display form you need to save DataTable control to the SharePoint field. Please find detailed instructions in this article.


When i save the Data table to a created field, i get the below, how do i resolve this please?

Hello @0161Steve,

You need to set up the DataTable control on the Edit form the same way you did on New form.

Highlight the control, in the right pane go to SharePoint > Save to and select the field that stores DataTable values.