Adjusting Multiline text field


I'm setting up a multiline text field to hold a hyperlink, as a lot of the links we need to keep are over the 255-character limit for Hyperlink fields.

What I would like would be to remove the formatting toolbar (but can't make it a plain text field, as it needs to be a clickable hyperlink), and make the input box only a couple of lines long.

I've tried the same method as hiding the buttons for a List or Library field, but that doesn't work.

I've also tried reducing he height of the box with the code in Set fixed height on SharePoint Multiline Text - Forms / SharePoint Online - Plumsail Community, but I can't get it to reduce below a height of 217.

Can you help?

Dear @Nick.Jones,
Try adjusting it with CSS, for example:

    display: none!important;

    height: 60px!important;
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Thanks, that worked perfectly!