Advice Needed on o365 action pack


I have a requirement to send a thank you card by email to a recipient.

I have an InfoPath form which allows a user to select a card, select a recipient and a thank you message.

Ideally I want to use CSS to overlay the card with the recipient name and also the sender and the thank you message.

Ideally I want the card to appear in a user mailbox not as an attachment but displayed in the preview pane.

This is for an o365 tenant using Exchange Online.

I have had a look at the action pack functions and am unsure how to proceed. I looked at creating a PDF from an html template but it looks quite complex to build the html template. I can also see the send email with attachments and I see there are options for parsing images.

Can anyone give me a steer on this please?

Hello Solvetech,

I am sorry for the delay in the answer.

The best option we can suggest to send thank you messages in the email body is to use a text template and render it to HTML.

We will help you with the generation of HTML from the list items data. Please, just let us know what are the difficulties with the implementation and send us a picture of how a thank you card has to look like.

Best Regards,
Anna Dorokhova
Plumsail Team