Agent vs Member

Hello! From the documentation:

"Contacts is a directory of persons that HelpDesk is aware of. There are three predefined contact roles:
SharePoint user that processes tickets.
SharePoint user that creates tickets.
User without SharePoint account who creates tickets by email."

I've always been an Agent in our HelpDesk site. Now, from the Contacts page, I've changed my role to "Member".
I still have complete control on tickets; I'd expect from now on I could only create tickets. Why do I still have all permissions?


Managing permissions on a HelpDesk site should be performed with the default SharePoint means:


The description you quoted is about distinguishing roles of contacts, not about managing their permissions. The action Send email in triggers has a token All agents which allows avoiding of listing each agent separately when you need to notify all of them. So this is how an agent differs from a member for HelpDesk. Also, all subscription plans (except Ocean Liner) restrict the number of allowed agents.

So the ticket can be created, updated or even deleted by a member if his SharePoint user has such permissions on the site. The contacts list is only for distinguishing roles for mailing purposes.

Ok thanks!
So the number of contacts I mark as "Agent" from the Contacts List is the one that matters for the subscription plan?
That is, I can convert out Agents to Members as I've done to my account, and only the email notifications will be affected?

Yes, the only effect is that you will not be able to use the mentioned token in e-mail notifications.