All of our forms are down again

No errors given, just a blank screen. Are we seeing the same issues that we saw last week?


We are experiencing the same issue

We are also having the same issues. This is getting ridiculous. This is shutting down my entire company.

Same thing here. Has anyone received an email notification or any communication from Plumsail?

Same problem with our forms.

we have not gotten anything yet

Seems like they are going back to normal. A rollback perhaps?

Good luck everyone.

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I am starting to see my forms come back up....

Seems like forms are back to normal.

Hello everyone,

Thank you for the report! It is always helpful to hear as soon as anything goes wrong!

We experienced an issue with automatic switching DNS records while deploying a minor update to Forms' themes. A 10 min outage affected customers who applied custom themes to their SharePoint sites. The problem is solved and should never happen again.

We are very sorry for making an extra impact to an already stressful situation.

Our forms experienced downtime as well and when it returned, only returned for 2/3 of the company. 1/3 are still unable to access any form created by Plum sail SharePoint Forms.

Hello @IT.Joe,

Do you mean 1/3 of users are not able to open forms? If so, please ask them to clear the browser cache.

If all users are not able to open those form, please share the screenshot of the errors from the browser console.