Allow Negative Numbers

I have run into issues when updating forms with the new designer that a number minimum is set or currency fields no longer display as currency. To remedy, I run a function to set the currency fields. To get rid of the min I set min to null. Is there a similar way I can set DataTable columns with JS?

Hi @cwalter2,

Could you describe the issue in more detail and maybe provide some screenshots? In my experience, Currency fields work fine with negative numbers.

You can set DataTable value like so: Data Table — Plumsail SharePoint Forms Documentation

I have fixed or they have been resolved at this point. I am wondering if there is something I can do in the JS editor to ensure the fields are acting the way I want, similar to the widget options for the number and currency fields.

Hi @cwalter2,

Try looking into column validators for DataTable: Data Table — Plumsail SharePoint Forms Documentation