Anyone else getting duplicate tickets created?

Im getting multiple tickets created when emailing to HelpDesk tool
anyone else?

Also updates to tickets are not staying, once saved the update disappears. Support please help!

Also getting this on support page

Hi @turtlgal,

Thank you for your message.

Looks like the issue with widget and with duplication are independent.

We didn’t release any updates during that period of time and our services were available all the time. That is why status page didn’t indicate issues. Also, the status page is not yet in production use. We are still working on it.

We assume that the issue was related to update on Microsoft side.

Right now, we are not able to reproduce the issue with the widget form that you sent to us. Please let me know if the issue persists.

Regarding the duplication of ticket. Current assumption is that there is a breaking change in MS API that lead to creation of duplicate tickets for those tickets.

We are still researching it.

Could you provide some additional information about the duplicated tickets:

  1. Were they created from email message or widget?
  2. Do they have Cc column filled?

My screenshot was from your site when I tried to submit a ticket. My site was experiencing that issue as well, but the screenshot was from when I tried to submit a ticket via the widget on your plumsail support side.

Regarding the duplicate tickets, they did not have cc column filled out from what I can tell. I am not sure if it was via widget or ticket.

I can tell you that my own ticket that I was finally able to submit, duplicated on your site via the widget.

Hi @turtlgal,

Thank you for additional details.

Each ticket has a column called “Support channel”. You can add it to your view to see the ticket source (email or widget).

We saw those widget that you created in our help desk, but we also want to understand if your tickets are also created from widget.

You reported that there was an error in widget. Is it correct that those duplicated tickets were created a bit later when you were able to submit a ticket with the help of the widget?

After a series of issues with MS Remote Event Receivers API a few months back we implemented fail prevention functionality based on new MS API for Web Hooks. Thus, our services rely on two different APIs to prevent issues in case if there is something wrong with one of APIs on MS side. Both APIs are used to notify our services about new tickets and comments created in SharePoint.

Thus, if Remote Event Receivers don’t work we rely on Web Hooks. Unfortunately, yesterday Remote Event Receivers didn’t work for some time and Web Hooks were triggered with delays. Thus, both APIs were affected. That could lead to incorrect processing of tickets.

Right now we are researching ways to add even more protection from fails on MS side.