App Feature Request | Way to minimize SHAREPOINT FIELDS section in designer

This has been a hope of mine for several years and I should've said something long ago.

Is there a possibility to offer something like an accordion inside of the Forms Designer interface itself that shortens up the left nav SHAREPOINT FIELDS section?

With 200+ columns, scrolling is a hassle when I want to work with controls. The most common scenario for me involves a NEW view as I don't use as many fields as in EDIT and DISPLAY views. But it would be a nice way to tidy the screen of real estate when the unused fields aren't needed for any view.

I'd welcome any improvement on this.

Hey @shedev,

Have you considered using the search bar for this? It's not quite the same, but it could make getting the right control much faster. If not, could you share why?

Thank you, @IliaLazarevskii for that suggestion. It seems less intuitive to me to search vs scroll, but I certainly appreciate the option.

My methodology is similar to throwing spaghetti to a wall to see what sticks. During early development of a new product, I am testing controls in various locations on the form. In this way, I drag all the required SharePoint fields into place, then begin the work of coding and using Plumsail Controls to enhance functionality, then hardly look at the SharePoint fields again.

Maybe my process is different than most but I would prefer the Plumsail controls to be positioned above the SharePoint fields section, just below the CONTAINERS section, if no accordion or minimization feature is possible/roadmapped.