Approval process - permission

we have problems with the permission settings of the widget or/and sharepoint site.
we would like to configure an approval process.
A supervisor must approve certain ticket requests.
However, it must not be possible for this person to view tickets of other users.

Can this permissions also be configured through the widget so that only the ticket creator and approver can see the ticket?

Hello! Unfortunately, there is no such a feature. I would advise to consider the following options:

  • The requester writes to the supervisor, if approved, the latter forwards the message to HelpDesk for the ticket creation. An assignee updates the requester to the initial sender.
  • Create a Power Automate flow with a step waiting for approval. In this case, the supervisor will approve the request, after that you can create a condition to check the response. If approved, create a ticket using the HelpDesk connector. The flow can be started on arriving an e-mail message or submitting a public form.