Asks everyone to configure

So I just installed this on our SharePoint site, and now it’s asking everyone that sees it to configure. Is this normal? I would think that once I configure it then everyone would see it as I configured. Any help would be great.


Thank you for your question.

Please make sure that the page with Org Chart is checked in and published.

Org Chart is a web part and stores configuration inside a page. If a page is not published or checked in, configuration will not be applied to other users.

Best regards
Anton Khritonenkov

Hi Anton,
I am evaluating the Org Chart for my organization which uses Office 365. ( I sent a separate email Andre and you as well)

In our organization, for each department we have created a site collection and each dept home page we need to place the department level Org Chart.
Now given the scenario, How do we restrict users to just view and not configure the Org Chart. I looked at your response to check-in/publish the page. But some of my users will also have the option to modify the pages. Is there any way the permissions can be applied via a SharePoint group?

I’ll reply your email message too, but just to let you know: By default, Org Chart settings are available for Full Control users only.

Best regards,
Andre Lima
Plumsail Team.