Attachments Error - No license?

Hello -

When I attempt to attach items I get the following:

Any help would be appreciated

Dear @ChristianWentz,

Do you use Sharepoint Online or On-Prem? If it’s Online, please, provide us your domain and email from your plumsail account.

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Hi Alex-
Sharepoint online
domain is
My plumsail account email is [email protected]


Dear @ChristianWentz,

I’m sorry, I can’t find your license record. Could you please clarify, you’ve installed the trial version of Plumsail Forms or bought it? If you’ve bought Forms, could you please provide the order number?

Hi Alex, I emailed you the information you asked for.


Dear @ChristianWentz,

Could you please make sure that you use the Sharepoint attachments field instead of the Common attachments field?