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I need a form that can use searchable lookup data from a CSV file stored in OneDrive. My first issue is that many customers have an MS login, but it is not a paid 365 login. I have them as external/guest users in AAD. (Both Teams and Sharepoint sites) Would a public web form work? How does utilizing AAD authorization affect external users? Should I use Forms for Sharepoint instead? or am I limited to just customers with a 365 license? Thanks!

Dear @Sara_Laidlaw,
Thank you for contacting us! There is no option for a CSV file to be used as data source, but you can use Excel files stored in OneDrive as data source for your fields.

As for authorization, there are many options in public web forms. You can use Microsoft Account authorization, and any user with Microsoft Account (free or corporate) will be able to access forms after authorization. You can limit these users to a specific tenant, AAD groups or even individual users.

Alternatively, you can use Azure B2C authorization, which supports many options, such as registration for new users, and even support for other popular platforms. All of that can be configured in access settings of public web forms - Authorization for public web forms — Public web forms

I have my test form reading the Excel lookup file beautifully.

Now my issue is the search function. I have a list of 1000 vendors and 500 Chart of Accounts. The search function does not read the whole field but just the first characters. If we can’t search the list easily without scrolling down, it’s a deal killer. Did I miss something?

Based on my need to have customers who do not have paid 365 licenses use the form, should I consider your Forms & Documents products or purchase the SharePoint forms? Does the SharePoint forms have different features, such as a different field search function?


Dear @Sara_Laidlaw,
SharePoint forms have a Lookup field and control, which can be used for filtering/search even in the middle of the searched term. The issue is that SharePoint forms can only be used by authorized users (either have an account or they were invited by an email as guests), and they don't support Excel files as data source for the lookup field - the file will need to be synchronized with a SharePoint list.

Now, we can offer two options:

  1. Use SharePoint forms and invite users via email, and sync your Excel file with an SP List.
  2. Use public web forms, and we can offer paid support to implement search for the dropdown field similar to SharePoint Forms Lookup.

If you want to try SharePoint forms, please, follow the guide here to get started - Installation of Plumsail Forms for SP Online (Office 365) — SharePoint forms

If you want to estimate how much it would cost and how long it will take to implement search in public web forms, contact us with the request at [email protected]

You can also try both to see which options works best for you, and we'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

I’ll test the SP Online. All users are in AAD as guest/external users. I should be able to PowerAutomate the Excel to a SP List. I’ll try. Thanks!

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