Automatic hyperlink based on ticket number?


We are hoping to use Plumsail HelpDesk to replace an existing system. One of the features of the existing system is automatic hyperlinks based on ticket number.

For example, suppose I am adding a reply (via SharePoint or via email) to ticket 13, and I type the following text in the reply:

This issue is similar to the issue that was reported in ticket 21. The issue has been fixed but needs further testing.

The application uses some regular expression processing to automatically convert the text “ticket 21” into a hyperlink that links directly to ticket 21. When I am viewing ticket 13 and I seem my reply, ticket 21 displays as a hyperlink so I can click on it and get directly to ticket 21 (or right-click and open it in a new tab). This feature significantly improves productivity, as agents are able to easily navigate between related tickets.

Does Plumsail HelpDesk have a similar feature?


Hi @mweaver,

Thank you for your question.

HelpDesk doesn’t support it at the moment. But our paid support team can quickly add support for this. We can add this feature to ticket form. So, that if there is a ticket ID in some comment it will be converted to link to the ticket.

Please send request for customization to [email protected] We will provide you estimation. It should not be too expensive.