Automatic set field based on domain sender

Hi everyone
I receive messages into helpdesk systema from external users and internal users.
Is there a way to assigne autmatically a certain value in tag based on domain ?
"contains" condition seems not work


Hello! You need to enclose the string value in single quotes: ''

Hi Evgeniy,
thank your your replay.
Unfortunately doesn't work properly with the internal users.
My feeling is that the email for internal user ( my domain) is not in "Ticket.Requester.Email"..
1 > is a screenshoot from internal user

2 > is a ticket from external users

is there any other way to identify the internal sender ?

There are several roles in HelpDesk: agents, members, end-users. End-users are just e-mail contacts outside of your tenant. Agents and members are contacts bound with SharePoint user profiles in your tenant, i.e. internal users. They refer to the profiles through 'SPUser' column (person or group column). Thus, in this case you refer to their e-mail address with the following reference: [Ticket.Requester.SPUser.Email].

And the condition in the trigger will look like below: