Backup Plumsail Form

Dear Plumsail-Team,

We currently have several people working on the same Plumsail form. This results in errors. Hence the question of whether there is a way to restore the Plumsail form.
As far as I know, the form can be reset via the site pages. However, the last version is displayed in Plumsail itself.
So if I have version 4.0 and 3.0 and reset it to 3.0, the form is displayed correctly, but in Plumsail itself it is still version 4.0.
Is there a way to display the backup version 3.0 again in Plumsail Form?
I hope I was able to explain my problem clearly.

Best regards

Dear @Sternchen,
Please, take a look at the following article, hopefully it will help - Restore previous version of SharePoint form — SharePoint forms