Bar color change after value reached


I have a bar chart and i want to have the color of the bar change once it reaches 100.

The value is a percentage which can go over 100% so want to have the bar switch colors once it gets to 100% so its easily noticeable.

I have tried the following in Dashboard - Advanced but nothing changed.

var lines = [
{ from: 100, to: 1000, color: “red” }
config.valueAxis.line = lines;

Below is what im hoping to achieve, ignoring the plotband which ive sorted out already, just need to the bar to change once it hits 100.


Dear @erron,
I am afraid it's not possible to change the color like this. It might be possible to change color for individual columns, I'll have to check, but it's definitely not possible to do for just the upper half of the column.