Best way to create leave booking system using forms

Hi all.
I am still quite new to SharePoint and pardon my question..

I am looking to create an annual leave booking system. I have the forms and lists setup and basically working. People fill-in the form, it's submitted for approval and saved into a list.

My challenge is in how to display all employees that have booked holidays on a SharePoint page.
Just a list of names with dates and possibly tabs or navigation to show the next day or month.
I guess I am looking for help in what would be the best way to go about it.
Would a Plumsail form with lookup table be the way. Or have a html page and pull data from the list using REST. Export the list to Excel? Just no idea what is the best and easiest way to do this.

I am a bit lost about how to do it and google results almost always point to custom solutions, like Lightningforms etc. Since we have Plumsail, I thought I'll ask here first.

Many thanks in advance for any help.

Hello @HypnoToad,

As far as I understand, the easiest thing would be to create a "Calendar" view for the SharePoint list.

Thanks again for your help. Your suggestion of using the calendar view led me to custom views.
I can either use Dynamic filtering (based on another list as a filter) or my preferred solution, custom view of existing list with a calculated date column. I am leaving my post up if anyone is the same noob as me. ..but I am OK if you decide to remove it. Thanks again for your swift reply.

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