Bulk Create Multiple List Items

We have a workflow where administrators create multiple SharePoint list items, one-by-one, assigning each item to a user for further development.

The form creation task is accomplished with a Plumsail New form wizard as shown below. I have obscured sensitive information, but the illustration shows eight(8) data points that have been added to the wizard; these fields are required and need values to submit the form. The wizard itself works wonderfully but is a considerable burden for large group assignments, requiring the administrator to initiate a New form for each new item.


Administrators have requested a method to import a CSV into the SharePoint list; we know this functionality exists when Plumsail is not connected to a list. We’ve experimented by importing a multi-row CSV into a separate, non-Plumsail SharePoint list, then creating a Power Automation flow to attempt to copy that non-Plumsail SharePoint list to the desired Plumsail-configured list — the goal is to populate a list and open its items with a Plumsail form. We assumed this would not work as we suspect there are some important schema markers (or other identifying facets) that the +New Plumsail form Wizard imparts to each item, but we tried anyway. Of course, the flow fails, but we’re still experimenting.

Historically this was a smaller endeavor, which made the manual one-by-one wizard not as painful, but the user participation has grown recently, making a lot of manual work for the administrators. Imagine building 200-300 forms, one at a time - not fun.

In the New form wizard, there are many JavaScript functions at play as well. The choices selected in the wizard impact other fields, both shown and hidden, so the wizard is an important piece of the equation to be sure.

DISCLAIMER: We know this isn't viable and the wizard doesn't work this way (for multiple SP items), but for illustration purposes, we hope it is useful to show what we've been thinking about. Each of the SharePoint list items is unique, with specific directions, data values, and assigned to unique users, which makes it difficult to "batch" anything meaningfully - at least we haven't discovered a working method yet. The "multi-wizard" illustration displays three wizard containers as an example of what we had envisioned as one approach to creating batches - again, we know the New form doesn't work this way. In our case, each user is assigned ten(10) items, so even if this batch concept worked, it would require seven(7) more such wizards. But conceptually, we know that this form creates only one(1) resultant item.

Curious if anyone has a suggestion or tip that has worked for a similar requirement.

Dear @shedev,
Not sure what prevents the CSV import, our forms should not affect the work of the list in any way to impact your ability to import CSV. Let us know more details how to investigate it.

As for creating multiple items, it's not a good idea to have multiple wizards like so, but can you consider saving new form without closing, and then redirecting users to the first step on save? That way most of the data is still populated, though it can be changed as the user goes through the steps, and you can close the form on save when 10 items are made.


If we get the CSV import working, the administrators will not have to use the New item wizard, other than one-offs occasionally. The bulk/CSV import will be a welcomed improvement.

Your thoughts are appreciated; I am working on a new PA Flow now as I suspect my initial build was not configured correctly. I will post my results here.

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I had success in creating a Power Automate flow that bulk-creates items. I am now fine-tuning to capture the information from the Excel rows (one column specifically) that will assign the item to the EXT (Entra ID Guest user).

I will share what I have thus far and welcome any insight or tricks that have worked for others using Power Automate and Plumsail. I was able to get the process to work successfully with internal staff but now am fighting the Guest user piece. I will get there - so close now!

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