Calculated Field with Lookup

Hello, Sorry if this has already been asked.
I am using Plumsail forms with a lookup from another table that is a calculated field. The "type ahead" is not working but the items do appear in the drop down. If I select a non calculated field, it works fine. However, I really need to use the calculated field. Will this work? Is there something I need to do?

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Hello @djbeaudin,

The lookup values are filtered by building REST API query filter expressions that don't support calculated columns.

As an option, you can change the field from which the lookup field is getting value and set up view results for the lookup field. You can find the instructions here:

Or, if the calculated column is combining values from other columns, you can use the custom filter which will search through multiple fields at once. Please see the code example below that filters values by Title and Category column.

fd.spRendered(function() {

    fd.field('Lookup0').filter = function(filter) {
        var search = encodeURIComponent(filter);
        return filter
            ? "substringof('" + search + "', Title) or substringof('" + search + "', Category)"
            : '';
    fd.field('Lookup0').useCustomFilterOnly = true;