Can not get value of List or Library in FireFox Browser

Hello Comunity,
I am trying to some validation in form, for that i am using one date field and compare it with list or library control all records dates.
My problem is my code runs completely fine in Google Chrome, New Microsoft edge but not working in Firefox.
I am using the below firefox version.

I am using one button for validation, here is code that i write on the button click

Here is Code that i am using to get data items of list or library control in sprender.

fd.spRendered(function () {   
 window.validationFormClick = function () {
    var value1 = fd.control('Contracts').widget.dataItems();
    var value2 = filterActiveItems(value1);
    function filterActiveItems(itemsArray) {

      return itemsArray.filter(function (el) {

        return el.Active == "Yes" || el.Active == "Ja";



Please look into the below code that i debug in firefox to get data items from list or library control.

Same way when i try to find value1 in console, it is undefine, but i can find fd.control('Contracts').widget.dataItems();

Please note my debugger is still on stoping position.

Same way i debugg code in chrome browser and works fine for me. (Version 85.0.4183.83 (Official Build) (64-bit))

Hope I described well,
Please let me know if there is a problem from my end.


Hello @harshp924,

I've tested your code, and it works both in Chrome and Firefox.

Please try to clear the browser cache. Also, please check that you are using the latest versions of the editor (v1.7.2), and App Catalog (v1.0.8.0).

Hello @mnikitina,
I am using the latest version of editor and App Catalog,
I try the same in different machines, in the console, there is no error, also clear all cache files,
Still facing this issue.
I already attach screenshots after clear cache, Please find it above. in the screenshot clearly i can not get data items to form list or library in firefox, this is the same that working fine in chrome browser.


Hello @harshp924,

Please do the following:

  1. Make sure fd is defined globally on the form

  2. Run this code in Firefox's console on the form:

  1. Please share the screenshot of the form with the data in the console.