Can not paste or insert a picture in Multiple lines of text field

We have an issue about Contribute user to paste or insert a picture in Multiple lines of text field as below picture (App and Console Log).

It is very strange if we perform to paste 3rd times, the picture appear normally as below picture.

We have upgraded our both server and Designer client to the latest version of Plumsail Forms as you can see picture below but the issue still exist.

Please help us to solve this issue.

Hello @JugkritNWR,

To insert an image to the enhanced rich text field user should have edit permission to the SitePages library, as the image is uploading to the library first.


It works.

Thank you very much.

Hi @mnikitina I am trying to capture the image from multiple lines of field in Flow and send as an email attachment. Can we capture the name of the file or the ID used in the file name to build url, for e.g.

Hello @aseem,

The image in Rich text field is wrapped inside the image tag like so:

<img src=\"/sites/MSFT/SitePages/PlumsailForms/Images/2023-05-02/7d415dd5-a4ed-4ec5-a47c-72a9984dd278.png\" />

You can extract the image URL in Power Automate flow, please find the example here.

Flow worked thank you

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