Can users modify their submission?


I wish to use a public form for abstract submission for a conference. - Then, I'd like to be able to email the submitter to tell them to modify their submission, by uploading a file to it (their presentation slides).

Do public forms allow the submitter to go back to their form and modify/update it? (As this would be required for my use case.)

Many thanks!

Hello @UNECE,

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Yes, users can modify submitted forms. This feature is available if the Allow only authenticated users and Allow users to submit forms just once properties are enabled. Please learn more in Manage users with Microsoft Account in public web forms article.


Wouldn't it be better to have unique edit links for each submission (like a google form), rather than using an authenticator to match the person to their submission? - After all, a person might want to submit 2 separate abstracts.

Also, requiring the authenticator app for someone to submit a (text) abstract is overkill. - If you have accepted someone's abstract, and they've used their corporate email address, then you know who they are. - Is there any way of requesting this as a feature request?

Dear @UNECE,
Of course, this would be great :blush: But at the moment, the only other method for this is to save submission as a Draft, then they can be modified via a link, and either saved as draft once again, or fully submitted.

We're definitely looking forward to expanding this functionality, and submission editing by users will likely be added at some point in the future, but there are many other improvements we're actively working on to bring to the product, it's simply not the highest priority at the moment.

If this feature is something you desperately need, we can expedite the development with paid support, contact us at for an estimation on how much time it will take to add. We can also work together to publish new marketing materials, for example, a new success story, and in this case we can offer paid support with great discount - Plumsail Forms customer stories