Can we populate 2 list at the same time?

I have used the forms filling in details for multiple list. But one is the normal fields which can be dragged and drooped from under "SharePoint field" section of the forms and other from list and library control.

This way i will be able to fill in and two form at the same time. Just wondering if there is a way we can do this with out using "List and Library" control.

Also i would like to create a dispay form as below from multiple list. Is it possible?

Hello @Rinu,

There is no built-in functionality that would allow you to fill in two lists from one form. You can either use List or Library control or create/change items in other lists using PnP js.

You can find a good example of adding/updating item in this post:

And, yes you can create the display form that will display data from multiple lists using the same PnPjs.

Hi Mnikitina,

Thanks for the reply,
I just tried the below and it throws an error " Cannot read property 'value' of undefined"

fd.spRendered(function() {
var No = fd.field('No').value.Lookup;


Where "No" is from another list and "Lookup" is the lookup field used in the DataSource property of list and library control

what i was looking for is to show data from two different list to be shown in the display form. if you can show an example i will appreciate it.

Hello @Rinu,

You can get the values from the other list using PnPjs. For example, you can add a Plain Text control to the form and populate it with the Title of the item in another list.


fd.spRendered(function() {

    pnp.sp.web.lists.getByTitle('ListName')'Title').get().then(function(items) {
        fd.control('Text1').text = items[0].Title;


And the field that is selected in the List or Library Data Source Editor >> Lookup field used for binding child elements to parent items with the parent item ID.

What exactly do you want to achieve? Please provide more detailed information so I could help you properly.

Ideally to create a word document similar to the one posted above.
If we can populate a word document template with information from multiple list that will do.
We have subscriptions for both actions and forms and are open for suggestions.
Since we are already familiar with the forms we thought we will have a go at it and see how it goes.

We have two lists "Projects" and "Invoices".
"Invoices" have a lookup field "RFPS" from the "project" list.
In some section of the display form of "Invoices" list we have to show "Project" list details based on the lookup field.

Hello @Rinu,

With Plumsail Forms you can generate PDF file only.

You can create a Word document from a template with information from different lists using Plumsail Documents.

Please find examples with setup instructions in How to create DOCX document from a template in Microsoft Flow and Generate PDF from DOCX template and SharePoint form fields articles.