Canned response not displaying attachments

HI, thanks for your recent help but I still have another issue, caned responses to not show or send attachments and I can't find a canned response template to restore using Forms,

Hello Mick! There is no need to restore the canned responses forms. I reproduced the issue and will discuss it with developers.

Thanks, I also have another...... my list is never ending,

In user emails which has request ID URL, when clicked the link does not open correct page in HD,

Instead it is attempting to load the ticket lookup widget,


It is the proper behaviour because the requesters are not supposed to have access to the HelpDesk site. If you need, you can edit the notification template in the trigger and use another snippet:
instead of

Hello Mick! In HelpDesk 2.1.21, we updated ticket forms. Now, the attachments from canned responses are also inserted in comments.