Cannot find root employee 23

Hello I am having that message, (Image attached)

I need to give this soon to proceed with the purchase of the license please give me a hand with this.

Thank you

Hello! Please share the screenshots of the tabs marked below in the configuration wizard, if the custom JS is not fully visible - copy and paste it into the reply. Additionally, take a screenshot of the item with ID 23 in the data source list so that all its fields were visible.

Hello! here you have

I just see I do not have the 23 as the 23 is a value that should not be there I erased it, there is a way to make it work without that value?

If it is not set as a root item, the chart should work. Please try start the structure from some existing employee, save the changes. If the chart loads, open the configuration wizard again and erase the field, save the changes. Also, you can try clearing the browser and chart cache. If none helps, open the developer tools (F12), switch to the "Network" tab, reproduce the issue and export a HAR file (in Chrome and Chromium-based browsers, it is a button with an arrow down). Then, switch to the "Console" tab and save all the logs. Share the collected data either by a private message here or by raising a support ticket at [email protected]. In the last case, please refer to this topic.

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Hello, I just shared with you by message.
Thank you